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The European Union has formalized in 2016 a new regulation on the protection of personal data, which is applicable from May 25, 2018. This regulation introduces new rights for European citizens in terms of protection of privacy and therefore new obligations for organizations and companies. It involves a profound change in practices related to the collection, storage and use of personal data.

According to a recent OpinionWay study, 64% of employees feel that they are insufficiently aware of the challenges of the GDPR, whereas they are essential links to compliance with the new European regulation. Brought to collect and manipulate personal data, they guarantee transparency and confidentiality.

An organization may very well have implemented technical devices and organizational processes to comply, however if employees do not implement it it exposes itself to the risks inherent in a data leak: Sustainable impact on the image of brand and the trust of its customers, loss of turnover and possible administrative penalties (fines), civil or criminal.
Although no one is supposed to ignore the law, it is obvious that it is much easier to comply with a regulation if we know it and especially if we understand the issues. Sometimes seen as constraining the GDPR can also prove to be an opportunity for an organization offering long-term benefits.

This module “GDPR Awareness” in e-learning, allows you to enter in less than 30 minutes, the key issues of regulation and its impact on a daily basis.


• Master the key principles of the new regulations • Discover the new rights of the people and the obligations for the companies
• Know the sanctions but also the contributions of the European regulation
• Understand the role of the DPO
• Ask yourself the right questions when creating a data processing
• Adopt daily good habits to protect personal data and be transparent during collection.

Who is concerned ?

Any person within an organization (company, association, interest group, etc.) who collects, conserves, manipulates and uses personal data.


The training is built to be accessible to all, without prior knowledge in the legal or IT field.


A module of 30 minutes.

Training material

Videos trainer + motion design: animations, diagrams, key points … + validation tests, related documents and useful links.

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